*This section is subject to change at the discretion of the organizers, registrants will be notified of any changes or additions to this section.

A detailed Race Guide PDF will be provided to all registered participants.

  1. We will do our best to accommodate standard dietary restrictions, but cannot guarantee this.
  2. Items available at each Aid Station will vary, but will consist of :
    • Water & Isotonic beverages
    • Fruits + Dates/Prune
    • Biscuits/Chocolate
    • Hot food – Soup, Noodles, Rice etc.
    • Hot drinks (coffee/tea etc. 
  3. Enhanced medical coverage will be available at specific Aid Stations. 
  4. Toilets are available at select Aid Stations. 
  1. Shirts are not available for registrants that defer their registration to the following year.
  2. We do not mail shirts before, during, or after an event. Please make sure you pick your shirt at the finish line.. 
  1. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone an event due to severe weather or any other severe circumstances (including but not limited to war, terrorism, volcano eruptions, tornadoes, hurricanes, forest fires, tsunamis, pandemic, and more. 
  2. If the race organization makes the decision not to host the event at the published date for any of the reasons above, the event will be postponed and the full cost of registration will automatically be rolled to the new date.  
  1. Training on the course before the event is allowed, but we cannot guarantee a runner’s safety. 
  2. Runner’s training on the course must educate themselves and adhere to all land access rules and regulations.
  1. The course will be marked well with flagging, directional signage and staff at designated critical intersections. 
  2. Racers are expected to stay on course and it is recommended all 50k and 100k racers download the provided GPS course files to their phone or other device.
  1. Every racer will should carry their own reusable hydration container/s to minimize disposable cups and bottles..
  2. Littering from any racer, pacer or their crew will result in immediate disqualification from the event.
  1. (*100k & 50k) Only 1 Drop Bag per runner is allowed only at the Transition area for 100K only. All other distances must use Bag Check in festival. 
  2. Each Bag must be packed in a single soft container with a handle and no larger than 30 liters. Visibly tagged as (AID STATION NAME-LAST NAME-BIB #).
  3. Drop bags should be waterproofed as there is no guarantee they will be stored in a covered area.

Pacers are not allowed for this event, in any distance.

Spectators are not allowed in designated crew areas or Aid Stations. There are only a few places where spectators will be allowed, around the Start and Finish lines.

  1. (*100k & 50k) Crewing is allowed only at the Transition area. 
  2. Racers are not permitted to receive any crew aid outside of designated areas.

Racers are NOT allowed to take rides of any sort during  the race. Motorcycles, Bicycles, Cars, Trucks, Horses, Cows, etc. are NOT allowed! Once a racer gets a ride, they are forfeiting the right to continue in the race.

  1. A cutoff is enforced when the racer is arriving to the Aid Station, not departing. 
  2. Additional cutoffs for each Aid Station will be shared in detail in the Race Guide and at the race briefing.
  3. The event organizers reserve the right to impose cutoff times during the event for safety and other reasons deemed appropriate to the circumstances.
  4. Any Racer past their cutoff time will have their bib and timing chip removed and will be marked as DNF

Runners who have been suspended, or who have been found to have used forbidden substances, or who are serving a disqualification period imposed by any Confederation or Federation may not participate in the race.

  1. Any controversy related to the timing of a runner, or compliance to the race Regulations will be resolved irrevocably by the Race Director.
  2. Only runners completing the full course for their registered distance will be included in the final race results.
  3. Racers who do not wear their timing chips for the entirety of the race are not guaranteed results and may forfeit their award placement. 
  4. Runners who do not complete the full distance will be ranked as DNF (Did not finish). No partial distance certifications will be granted. 
  5. We do not mail finisher medals, these must be claimed in person at the Finish line. 
  6. Medals are only for finishers that completed the entire course distance they registered for within the event standards. No Medals will be given to racers that DNS (Did Not Start) or DNF (Did Not Finish). 
  7. Cash awards and trophies must be claimed in person at the Awards Ceremony. We do not mail or transfer awards and trophies.
  1. Racers who wish to drop out (DNF) of the race MUST report to the nearest Race official immediately and give up their chip and bib. This is imperative and failure to do so can result in being barred from any future events within this organization. 
  2. Racers who drop from the race are not guaranteed a ride back to the Finish line right away. If near an Aid Station location, runners can wait then ride with race staff when transportation is available.
  1. Runners must inform the event organizers BEFORE THE RACE of any medical treatment they are under, and show certificates or prescriptions if taking any medication.
  2. An experienced, fully qualified medical team staffed by doctors and led by a Race Medical Director will be available throughout the event.
  3. If a racer should require hospitalization, appropriate land transportation will be provided to the necessary location. Racers must provide their own travel/health insurance in order to cover hospital and or helicopter fees where applicable.
  4. We strongly recommend each racer purchase an international travel insurance policy in their country of origin before traveling abroad.
  5. The Race organization reserves the right to remove any racer from the course if the racer presents a safety or health threat to themselves, to another racer or any event staff/volunteers.

The Race organizers will comply with any and all national and regional health requirements in place during the event dates. 

  1. Face masks are recommended but not required. 
  2. Race organizers will comply with all vaccination and/or testing requirements for all staff and volunteers. 
  3. Aid Station food will be served in a sanitary manner by staff. 
  4. Hand sanitizer will be available and required at key Aid Station entry points.
  5. The Race Start will allow for proper social distancing.